Katharinenmarkt in Delbrück

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18.09.2020 - 21.09.2020

Delbrück down town

Katharinenmarkt in Delbrück

Business show, funfair and farmers’ market

The Katharinenmarkt in Delbrück is a mixture of economic show, funfair and farmers’ market and takes place every year in autumn and attracts many thousands of visitors.

The Katharinenmarkt has a long tradition in Delbrück and originated from the cattle and farmer’s market in honour of Saint Katharina more than 300 years ago.
Free entrance!

  • Party tent with beer garden and music and entertainment programme
  • Economic show with 120 exhibitors
  • farmers’ market around 100 suppliers
  • Funfair with cramming market
  • Children’s flea market
  • Festival move
  • Sunday open for business

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